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1. User guide for Mankeli bikes and user registration process


2. I did not get a text message to confirm my phone number

While registering, if you did not receive a text message with the verification code of the phone number you provided, check the following:

1. check the phone number you entered for possible typing errors

2. check if the country code of your phone number is correct (Finland = + 358)

3. check if your phone number is given in international format without the first zero (eg 040123456 = 40123456)

4. contact your telecom operator to check if service messages are blocked.


3. The SMS code used to verify the phone number does not work

The SMS code used to verify the phone number is time-limited and expires in about 10 minutes. Please start registering again if the code you received has expired.

The SMS code can only be used once for a registration attempt. Start the registration again if your registration is interrupted after entering the SMS code. The SMS code should always fill in the verification window on its own.

You have 3 attempts to resend a verification code, should you fail to register during that time, you will be temporarily blocked from registration to prevent deliberate misuse of the service.


4I cannot log in to the mobile app

If you enter your password incorrectly 3 times, you will be temporarily blocked from the service, for the period of 24 hours. Please, if you do not remember your password, use the “forgotten password” feature in the mobile app or at the city bike website.

The mobile app remembers your password when logging in, it is advisable not to log out of the mobile app.

Before contacting customer service, make sure that you have enough signal and GSM Data to be able to use the mobile app and rent Mankeli bikes.

When sending a report to customer service, please always attach a photo of the specific problem, this helps customer service resolve potential issues quicker.




1. What is a Mankeli bike?

Mankeli bikes are electric city bikes that are part of Lahti's city bike system. The city bike system is a mobility service consisting of the bicycles included in it, the city bike stations from where you can rent and return the bikes, as well as the Freebike mobile app and website.

City bikes are shared bikes intended for short daily trips in the Lahti urban area. The city bike is not intended for the same use as rental bikes, but their primary purpose is to enable many people to move smoothly and quickly from one place to another during the same day.

There are a total of 500 Mankeli bikes in use.

Technical specification

Mankeli bike lights are always on when the bike is used. The rear light flashes every time the brake is applied. If the bike is set to pause mode, the rear light will change between rainbow colours.

Bike has been returned successfully when the lights has turned off.

The Mankeli bikes have disc brakes on the front and rear wheels. It’s good to remember that the Mankeli bikes are heavy and they accelerate to a high speed on downhills, so you need to be cautious when travelling downhill.

You can adjust the saddle of the Mankeli bike to the right height for you. The cyclist's recommended minimum height is 150 cm (4,9 ft)

The Mankeli bikes do not have a separate lock. Using your own lock is not allowed. You must not attach anything else, such as a child seat or a trailer, to the Mankeli bikes. There is a bell on the Mankeli bikes.

If you see somebody trying to use the bikes without permission, please notify the service personnel.

What do the colours of the rear light mean?




1. What is a tariff?

You can either pay a subscription fee which gives you access to the Mankeli bike system for a period of time and the first 30 minutes free of charge.

Access periods:

Season ticket  60 €

A three-month ticket €40

Monthly ticket €20

One Week ticket  10 €

One day ticket  5 €

Pay as you go 10 cents/minute

For uninterrupted use longer than 30 minutes, an additional fee will be charged for each 30-minute period that begins (excluding pay as you go tarif).

A user can use one bike at a time, and each user must acquire their own tariff. Pay as you go users may rent up to 3 bikes simutaneously.

You can purchase tariffs via the Freebike application or the online service at


2. What do the payments consist of?

The price of using the bikes consists of tariff fees, cycling lasting more than 30 minutes, when you pause the rental and possible penalties.

The tariffs are divided and priced according to their validity period. Tariffs are:

Season ticket  60 €

A three-month ticket €40

Monthly ticket €20

One Week ticket  10 €

One day ticket  5 €

Pay as you go 10 cents/minute


All tariffs, except the minute-rate tariff, include a free 30-minute cycling time each time Mankeli bike is rented.

 The bikes can be rented as many times you want during the tariff.

 Example: If you rent the bike at 12:00 and return it to the city bike station at 12.29, you will not pay any additional usage fees.


 The use of Mankeli bike may incur additional charges, which are automatically charged to the payment card connected to your user account.

 The reason for the additional fees may be:

1. Longer use of the bike

If you use the bike during one bike ride for more than 30 minutes, you will be charged an additional fee according to the following price list:

> 30 min = 1 euro

> 1.0h = 2 euro

> 1.5 h = 3 euro

> 2.0 h = 4 euro

> 2.5 h = 5 euro

> 3.0 h = + 100 euro late fee.


The Mankeli bike can be used during one, continuous, cycle trip for up to 3 hours. If you exceed this period, you will be charged a late fee of EUR 100.

2. Area where you can end your rental – YOU MUST RETURN THE BIKE TO A STATION.

3. Bike “Pause” function

You can pause your Mankeli bike rental by pressing the pause sign in the app. The paused bike is reserved for your use only. The pause function can also be used in areas where you are not allowed to end your rental (red zones in the map).

There is an additional charge of EUR 1 for each half-hour period you start using the pause function. The pause feature has a 5-minute free period to avoid charges due to careless use of the app.

The maximum length of the pause and the rental together is 3 hours. If you reach 3 hours during the pause time, your rental will resume and we will also charge you a late fee of EUR 100.

When paused, both front and rear lights of the bike show the colours of the rainbow.

3. How can I pay for Mankeli bikes?

Visa and Mastercard are accepted as payment cards for Mankeli bikes. The public transport Waltti card cannot be used for payment.

With the payment card added to the city bike account, you buy the right to use the bikes. Any additional and late fees will also be charged to the card.

Additional fees are charged for continuous cycling trips of more than 30 minutes. An additional fee will also be charged when the bike is paused. A late fee will be charged if the bike is at your disposal for more than three hours.

Your usage and payment history can be viewed in the Freebike application or by logging in to the online service at You can print your travel receipt on the website or get a PDF from the mobile application – go to Menu, Payment History.

Contact Mankeli bike customer service if you have any queries about your payments. Always attach a screenshot from bank to help resolve any transaction disputes.


4. How do I change my payment information?

On the new Freebike 2.0. app you can add a new card by clicking on your account (your name) and selecting ”payments” and the ”add card”. Enter the amount to be paid (eg 1 euro) and the details of the new payment card. When you have successfully completed the payment transaction, the information provided will automatically replace the information on the previous payment card and in the future transactions will be made from the new payment card. The amount paid when connecting a new card will be transferred to the balance of your user account. The balance will be used to charge different fees (tariffs and additional fees) arising from the use of the city bike service. For example, the next time you buy a tariff for five euros, you will only be charged four euros.


Payment cards linked to a city bike service user account can be charged retroactively for up to 2 years from the moment of registration of the payment card information. Charges will be made even if the card is disabled. The card issuer is responsible for charges and possible collection measures.




1. Where can I get help with problems

In the event of an emergency or an urgent need for police or ambulance, call the emergency number 112.

Häme Police Department
Esikuntakatu 4
15700 Lahti
+358 29 5430311

City bike customer service.
Opening hours: Mon – Fri 7–19 and Sat – Sun 8–16.

Customer service: +358 413 140 858.

You can terminate your account (or change your credentials) by logging into your account at CityBike Mankeli website at our website there you may proceed with the removal of your account thru "onepass".



You cannot terminate your account if you have a negative credit balance.
Need a refund? Please send us a request through the contact form on our website. The service provider makes possible compensations for the user primarily to the city bike account. All refunds of EUR 5 and less will only be made to the city bike account. The user can use the saldo in the city bike account for the pause function, off-station refund or as a payment / instalment. The user may, for a justified reason, request (removal from the locality, etc.) the closure of the city bike account. In this connection, the balance remaining in the city bike account will be returned to the customer's bank account at the customer's request. Amounts less than 5 euros will not be refunded.

When speaking to customer service you need to identify yourself by either a phone number that you have registered with or with your customer login (which you can see in the mobile app menu under your name).

When sending a report to customer service, please always attach a photo of the specific problem, this helps customer service resolve potential issues quicker.  


2. How do I return the bike by using the brake lever?

You can return the bike with a brake lever: Squeeze either brake lever 3 times quickly but calmly when the bike is stopped. Always check that the lights on the bike have gone out which shows that the rental has ended.

If you cannot return the bike using the brake lever. Use the app to return it. Make sure that you are near a station while returning an e-bike, you cannot terminate your rental in a red zone outside of a station.


3. How do I adjust the electrical assistance of the bikes?

All Mankeli bikes are electrically assisted. You can ride with an electric-assisted bike like a normal gearless bike.

The adjustment of the electric assistance level is done in the Freebike application or by logging in to the website. There are three different power levels to choose from, which change the maximum speed and acceleration of the bike.

The setting in your app is automatically applied to all bikes you use, so you don’t have to adjust on a bike-by-bike basis. If you change the assistance level during a trip, the change will not take effect until the next time you rent a bike.

The electric motor always switches off when braking.

The bikes’ battery is charged when braking.




1. What is a city bike station?

The city bike station is a place where you can rent or return Mankeli bikes.

There are a total of 60 city bike stations. You can recognize the city bike station from the signs with the Mankeli bike logo. The number of city bike stations may change. You can always see up-to-date information about city bike stations in the Freebike app or our website.

If there are no Mankeli bikes at the station, check the Freebike app for available bikes in other stations. You can also check the surroundings of the city bike station.

You can either park the Mankeli bike with a bike stand or by placing the bike in the bike rack. If the station is full, you can return the bike to the immediate vicinity of the station.


2. I would like a new city bike station...

Information and user experiences are collected about Mankeli bikes, e. g. the network of stations and the operation of the service as a whole.

The plans and decisions related to the expansion of the station network are made in proportion to the overall scale, which takes into account, for example, the number of bikes in use and the demand for bikes during different times of the day.

The size of the station network and the geographical location of the stations are linked to the total number of bikes and the urban structure, ie hous

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